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Lower Bucks YMCA Volleyball RULES:  

Modifications to USAV Rules:


League Rule

Co-Ed Minimum Women: 1
  Maximum Men 4
  Women must contact if > 1 contact No
Officiating Certified, non-playing, assigned by Chief Referee
Protests None.  All issues determined by the match referee.
Match Format No cap in any game.  3 games to 25; Playoffs best 2/3; Championship best 3 of 5.  Regular season games to 15 points if started  less than 20 minutes before next scheduled match.
Standings Determined by (1) games; (2) head to head; point differential between teams tied for head to head
Warm-ups 4 minutes shared court; 4 minutes shared hitting; 1 minute serving
Time Outs 2 per team, up to 30 seconds each, unless both teams are ready.
Teams Complete Team: 6 Players
  Minimum Team: 4 Players
  Minimum female players: 1
  Maximum Male Players on Court: 4
  Player must be present at start to enter game Yes, after 6th eligible player is present.
  Add a Player entry Position (up to 6) Any position.  Lineup cannot change
Substitution Up to 8 players may "rotate in" at the service position, keeping the proper balance of male and female players.  Cannot be used WITH regular substitutions.
Roster Maximum 12 players per season. 
  Must be facility member: No
  No team switching after week: 1
Forfeit Game 1:  10 minutes after scheduled start time (end of warmups); Game 2:  15 minutes after scheduled start time; Game 3:  20 minutes after scheduled start time
  Double forfeit if neither team is ready to play as scheduled
  The scheduled official is paid for the forfeited match, but does not officiate any unscheduled play during that time period.  A team forfeiting more than 1/2 the scheduled match games must pay the referee fee for BOTH teams.  Forfeiting teams may not compete again until all referee fees have been paid.
Playoffs Top 8 teams; Match play best 2/3; Championship Match best 3/5.  All deciding games are 15 points.
Player present for one-half or more of regular season matches, unless exception by Commissioner for injured player, extraordinary circumstance
Referees USA Certified Preferred
  Games:  3 or 2/3


Best 3/5 Match


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